Points Business Solutions is a powerful marketing tool that uses the lure of global loyalty programs to grow your business. This collection of informative and how-to articles provides all the education and inspiration you’ll need to get Points Business Solutions working for you.

Part 1: Why loyalty partnerships work

1. No loyalty program? Here’s what you’re missing

Read our research that shows how shoppers will change their habits to collect points/miles.

2. Three ways a nationally recognized loyalty program can work for you

Use Points Business Solutions to attract shoppers, guide purchasing, and win long-term loyalty.

3. The loyalty–coupon smackdown: why loyalty wins, hands-down

Learn why nothing beats a loyalty program for increasing basket size and encouraging repeat visits.

4. Why all loyalty programs are not equal

Understand what motivates loyalty program members so you can implement a program that satisfies.


Part 2: An introduction to Points Business Solutions

1. Getting started with Points Business Solutions

Whether you’ve recently joined or are discovering us for the first time, this is the place to begin!

2. Why loyalty works — and how to make it work for you

Find out how loyalty shapes consumer behavior and how you can tap into that power.

3. How Points Business Solutions makes loyalty easy

Get an in-depth look at how the program offers choice, simplicity, control and cost-effectiveness.

4. Loyalty costs less than you think

Take a look at the financial advantages of using Points Business Solutions as a marketing tool.


Part 3: The basics of using Points Business Solutions

1. How to award with Points Business Solutions – and stay organized!

Master the basics of awarding so you’ll be ready to build out your loyalty program.

2. How many points/miles should you award?

See why you don’t have to offer huge awards to maximize the effectiveness of your program.

3. Your first Points Business Solutions campaign — step by step

Walk through each step of a campaign, from determining objectives to evaluating your success.

4. Fix-it quick! Your troubleshooting checklist

Points Business Solutions is easy to use — but this guide is here to help in case you need it.

5. How to use Points Business Solutions to meet 7 common business goals

Learn how to achieve a range of goals, from launching a product to motivating employees.

6. 10 easy promo ideas to start boosting business now

Get a running start with these promo ideas that can be tailored to any business.

7. Do’s and don’ts for your loyalty program

Follow these basic marketing principles to help your loyalty program run smoothly.


Part 4: Incorporating Points Business Solutions into your existing marketing

1. 5 ways to market yourself with Points Business Solutions

See how to integrate Points Business Solutions with your everyday marketing activities.

2. How to attract new customers with Points Business Solutions

Discover some of the ways to use the program to build your client and customer list.

3. Loyal customers may be closer than you think

Capture the attention of local, community-minded customers with these tactics.

4. Using Points Business Solutions in social media marketing

Integrate Points Business Solutions with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.