We all have our go-to hotel and loyalty programs, but it’s wise not to put all your loyalty “eggs” in one basket. Participating in multiple loyalty programs — or spreading the love, as you might say — is a smart strategy you can use to earn as many travel points and miles as possible.

If you’re constantly looking for ways to earn as many points and miles as possible, you’re probably signing up for new loyalty programs when choosing a new hotel or airline.

It’s not always easy to keep track of multiple loyalty programs, but it’s worth the time spent to earn as many points as you can across a variety of programs. And while many people might think of a flight or hotel stay as the end-goal of loyalty programs, you can also focus on upgrades and perks earned by redeeming smaller amounts of points and miles. These upgrades and perks help create smoother, more enjoyable travel experiences, which will be particularly helpful as you’re working towards your next trip.

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Beyond earning as many miles as points as possible, here’s why you should spread the loyalty love:

Redeem for more than simply travel rewards

Almost every major airline and hotel chain has a corresponding loyalty program, offering points or miles in return for your business. Each program has its own perks and rewards, many of which offer unique ways outside of the traditional flight or upgraded hotel room to redeem what you’ve earned. For example, many loyalty programs let you redeem your points to enhance your travel experience with free meals, complimentary drinks, golf outings and spa packages.

Additionally, as loyalty program members, you have the option to spend points on items completely unrelated to travel. For example, Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Credit Card lets you use points on a variety of products like fitness equipment, fashion items, gift cards and more. If you’d like some magazines to bring along on your next flight, consider redeeming Frontier Airlines’ EarlyReturns Miles for a full year magazine subscription to your favorite magazines.

Turn miles and points into gift cards

Not only can miles and points save you from spending cash on select goods and services, but some rewards programs also have the option to convert miles and points into gift cards for restaurants, gas stations, drugstore, coffee shops… The Points Loyalty Wallet lets you trade in points and miles in exchange for gift cards at your favorite retailers.

Transfer from program to program

Chances are you’ve flown with an airline or stayed at a hotel once or twice, and then realized that particular brand doesn’t fit into your future travel plans. You might be at a loss as to what you can do with such a low level of points from one flight or visit. The good news is, in many cases, you can exchange them for points with another loyalty program. For example, Southwest Airlines lets you convert hotel points earned from Marriott Rewards, Hyatt Gold Passport and Choice Privileges programs into Southwest Rapid Rewards, helping you to get one step closer to redeeming for a reward.

Organize using a loyalty wallet

It can be daunting to remember every loyalty program you carry a balance in. Chances are, you might leave some of the cards in an old wallet or even forget which programs you’ve signed up for, risking losing miles and points you’ve earned. To solve that problem, sign up for an online loyalty points and miles tracker to stay organized. Doing so helps you keep track of which programs you belong to and how many miles and points you’ve earned in each one.