Flying with children? While you probably already know that it’s free for infants to fly, this budget-stretching perk unfortunately expires once the little one turns three. But there are still ways you can extend your travel budget, and loyalty rewards, further with toddlers in tow.

Did you know that children can collect their own points and miles as quickly as anyone else? In fact, there’s often no minimum age requirement for a frequent flyer account. As long as the ticket is purchased in the toddler’s name, they too can help your family save up for flights and perks like priority boarding. Even more, a number of airlines allow families to pool their miles and points, opening the door for even more savings.

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If you’ve got a travelling toddler, here are some family programs to consider:

British Airways: With a Household Account, families of up to six people can pool Avios Tier Points together to build a collective balance. Everyone in your Household Account will collect Tier Points and move through the tiers individually, but you can also spend Avios taken from your pooled Household account.

Etihad Airways: With a Family Membership account from Etihad Airways, you can pool Etihad Guest Miles earned by up to eight members of your family into a single account. Even bonus miles accrued by your family are eligible to enter the joint account. And what’s best is that family members don’t need to travel together to contribute toward the Family Membership account.

Hawaiian Airlines: Share your Hawaiian Miles for free with anyone who has a Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard, a Bankoh Hawaiian Airlines Visa check card or a Hawaiian Airlines Visa credit card. While it’s possible to share Hawaiian Miles with those who don’t have a Hawaiian Airlines credit or debit card, you’ll be hit with a $25 service fee and a $0.01 per mile transfer fee.

JetBlue: The JetBlue Family Pooling Program is a unique way to earn and collect TrueBlue points for up to seven members. Each family member selects how many points to contribute upfront – with zero transfer fees – and the percentage of points they want to contribute on an ongoing basis per transaction.

Southwest: The Southwest Companion Pass is a great option for avid points collectors. Companion Pass status allows you to purchase your flight with either cash or points, and get your Companion’s flight as a buy-one-get one. To reach the Companion Pass status, you’ll need to have 110,000 Qualifying Points in one calendar year or fly 100 qualifying one-way flights, which tends to be a great route for business travellers that frequently fly domestic.

Qantas Airways: While Australia’s largest airline doesn’t give you the option of creating a family account, you can transfer up to 600,000 Qantas points to a family member every year using their Family Transfer program. This is perfect for families interested in combining their individual points for a chance at bigger and better loyalty rewards. Book online to avoid a $35 transfer fee charged to program members who complete a family transfer over the phone.