The life of a business traveler or road warrior isn’t an easy one. There’s finding the best reward-maximizing flights and hotel rooms, the constant running to catch planes and taxis and juggling heavy workloads in between. Apps have come a long way to help busy travelers manage their time, travel and paper work by offering them travel tools they can use on the road.

At Points we believe these travel-weary troopers should be better and more easily rewarded for their repeat business – and that’s exactly what does.

The leading online tech publication Mashable recently compiled a list of the most essential apps for the business traveler – and Points’ industry-sanctioned loyalty wallet,, landed in the #1 spot. Mashable characterized as “an awesome site where you can combine your rewards points from different programs, such as popular airlines, banks and pharmacies.”

This makes clear the value that Points brings to travelers and consumers everywhere by giving them greater flexibility in trading, exchanging and redeeming the points and miles they’ve earned.

Do you spend more time on the road and in the air than at your desk? If so, how do you use to maximize your travel-related rewards? Are there any other essential business travel sites and apps that Mashable missed? Our team would love to hear from you.