Social media can be an effective channel to reach out to customers. Use it in combination with Points Business Solutions to maximize the impact and the results. Here are some ideas for using

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest and Instagram

A picture is worth …

Many social media platforms are rich in visual opportunities. By captivating and motivating your clientele, photos and videos can be highly effective sales tools. Why not:

  • take attractive photos of your new products
  • post them on your Facebook page, website and blog
  • encourage people to Pin them
  • Tweet or Instagram your photos

Likewise, posting photos of special events is a great way to make your business more approachable and friendly.

Stay in contact

Use Twitter as an immediate way of notifying your clientele. Take advantage of its immediacy and try not to be too promotional in your approach.

  • Keep people in the loop about sales or promotions by sending advance notices and reminders.
  • Communicate special offers available exclusively to your Twitter followers.
  • Use Twitter for special flash offers, such as 500 points/miles to the first 10 customers who visit tomorrow morning.
  • Use hashtags on key words to help people find your tweets

Go social

If you’re already taking advantage of social media as a free way to promote your business, double it up with your Points Business Solutions activities. It’s a great way to spread the word about your products and services. For example:

  • Post Points Business Solutions artwork on your Facebook page to let everyone know they can earn points/miles at your business.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to launch a contest, with an irresistible grand prize of, say, 10,000 points/miles.
  • Announce that on a specified date you will randomly select a re-pin of any item from your Pinterest board showcasing your products or services, to receive a gift of 500 points/miles.

Test, test, test

If you’re following best practices, your marketing activities include collecting information from each campaign or promotion.

Get into the habit of analyzing each Points Business Solutions campaign once it’s complete. Note the offer, the duration and dates, the media you used to tell your audience about the promotion, and the response. Once you’ve run a few promotions, take a look at your results. Look for patterns such as:

  • Which types of offers work best? Is it contests for large points/miles awards, easy giveaways for fewer miles, or rewards-for-purchase?
  • What timing works best? Is there a certain time of year or day of the week that people respond to?
  • Who is the best market? Are new customers or loyal repeat customers most likely to respond? Is there a particular demographic, such as women or men, or people in a certain age bracket?
  • What is the most effective marketing channel? Online or offline? Facebook or Twitter? Community newspaper, radio, or direct mail?

Look for areas where you may be able to improve results, make adjustments — and try again! Check out the Points Business Solutions website!