I recently presented the second in my series of front-end webdev lunch and learns. Lunch came in the form of party-sized pizzas from Pizzaiolo. I was quite disappointed that there were leftover slices with bacon — don’t waste bacon, it’s delicious!

The topic this time around was page performance. Ever since I read High Performance Websites by Steve Souders, I’ve been obsessed with page speed. You’ll often find me surfing the web with page profiling tools open (such as Firebug), investigating a site that’s exceptionally fast. Yes, I am a bit eccentric.

Shaving seconds or even milliseconds off a page’s load time have been proven to increase site traffic and revenue. The best practices laid out in Souders’ book, and on websites like Google Page Speed, are easy to understand, easy to implement, and are proven to improve performance. But there is still much evangelizing to be done, as I have seen many a website haphazardly constructed, and slow to load.

Our next step is to apply what we’ve learned to our own applications. We already have a great foundation, but every millisecond counts!