Code reviews are good. Really. When done well, they catch defects very early in development and prevent bigger problems down the road. Code reviews can also raise the bar on code quality by enforcing coding standards. Best of all, they encourage developers to engage in conversation and help each other learn to write better code. (Combine with pair programming for extra fun!)

Points Software Engineering uses Atlassian Crucible and Fisheye to streamline our code reviews. With a few clicks, our devs can create reviews and collaborate on them. The code commenting is really cool — click on a line of code to comment! Everything’s tied together between Crucible, Fisheye, and JIRA.

We’ve woven code reviews into our agile development: story acceptance includes a successful code review.

You can click here for our Beer & Learn:   Fisheye, Crucible and the wonders of code reviews.

*Yes, you read that right. Beer & Learn. Nothing like free beer to get the developers’ gears moving. 🙂