At Points, our version of the company summer picnic has one catch. It lasts 2 whole months! The rules of Summer Fun are simple: if you can get 10 of your fellow employees to sign up for an activity, then Points will cover the tab. It’s a fantastic opportunity for Pointsters to mingle with other departments and build relationships with team members who we wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to work with.

Over the past six years that we’ve been running Summer Fun, events have included pretty much everything the city has to offer: archery, karaoke nights, Blue Jays games, stand-up paddleboarding on the lake, bubble soccer, movie nights, paintball, go-karting, spa days, a harbor cruise, yoga classes, Toronto FC games, painting classes, the CN Tower EdgeWalk, and more.

Over the summer of 2015 (our fifth year of running Summer Fun events), more than 200 Pointsters attended 12 events. We channelled our inner Katniss in an afternoon of archery:


We cheered on the Blue Jays:


And we learned the finer points of axe-throwing:


We have a full agenda of activities planned for the summer of 2016 as well — we’ve already put in several appearances at the Rogers Centre, and hit the karaoke bar and the volleyball court. August is set to be an action-packed month for Summer Fun, so stay tuned!

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