Helping our loyalty program partners keep their members engaged is what Points is all about – and today, offering them regular opportunities to earn miles on everyday spending is essential to boosting engagement. Points’ research has found the option of earning miles on everyday purchases actually shapes shoppers’ behavior: 71% of collectors prefer to shop at places that offer miles in their favorite program, and 60% actively seek out promotions that will help them earn more.

On November 21st, Spirit Airlines, Points, and our solution partner Collinson Latitude (part of Collinson Group) will take a major stride towards satisfying this consumer desire, as well as a great step forward in our partnership, as we launch the Free Spirit Online Mall.

This new online shopping destination will feature hundreds of popular retailers of clothing, electronics, housewares, cosmetics, and much more. The online mall will enable shoppers to get rewarded with miles on millions of products simply by shifting their current spending over to the new platform, opening up countless new opportunities for FREE SPIRIT members to earn miles via their everyday spending, and to keep their miles fresh.

The FREE SPIRIT Online Mall is a welcome opportunity for Points and Spirit Airlines to further strengthen our partnership, which began in February of 2014 with the launch of Spirit’s Buy and Gift program on the Points loyalty commerce platform. It marks an important and unique addition to Spirit’s growing portfolio of products that create additional engagement opportunities for their valued FREE SPIRIT program members.

To celebrate the launch, in addition to awarding miles for every dollar spent through the online mall, Spirit Airlines is offering a first-purchase bonus until the end of 2014. Shoppers who make their first purchase by December 31 will pocket 1,000 FREE SPIRIT bonus miles.

Take a stroll through the FREE SPIRIT Online Mall at

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