At Points, we’re passionate about innovation and are always looking for ways get our creative juices flowing. So, to foster this spirit, we held our second internal Points Hackathon.

Hosted by our IT and Product teams, the Hackathon took place over two days in our Toronto office. Teams from across the company were tasked with finding creative solutions that enhanced Points’ current offering of loyalty program solutions.

Here’s how it worked: the event started with an open call for pitches, participants then voted for their favourite ideas, and the concepts with the most votes formed the six competing teams.

Concepts were brought to life as teams coded and developed live prototypes to demonstrate their ideas. Teams presented ideas like incentivizing friends for using our products, creating a forum for sharing loyalty program experiences, and easing consumers into our Buy, Gift, Transfer (BGT) product. Each concept showed amazing creativity and had practical, real-life use.

But, more inspiring than the ideas themselves was the element of community and excitement fostered in the event and the sessions leading up to it. It was an opportunity for Pointsters to collaborate with colleagues from across the organization who they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to work with. Members of our Business Development team worked with the Software Engineering team; our Design and UX teams collaborated with the Promotion team; and Marketing teamed up with Relationship Managers.

The winners? Team “BGT3-Z” who pitched and demo’d a new efficiency tool for our BGT product that takes some of the stress away from our developers and designers. When put in practice, the BGT3-Z solution can save Points time and money. The each walked away with a new Raspberry Pi as their prize.

It’s safe to say that 2017’s edition of the Hackathon was a tremendous success. Congratulations to all of the teams involved!