Wellness Month at Points

Sweatbands. Short shorts. Neon legwarmers. It’s just another day at the office ‘80s workout day at Points! May is Wellness Month, and we’re participating in a bunch of fun, health-promoting initiatives spearheaded by our fantastic HR department. Over the course of 31 days, employees have the chance to exercise their bodies, minds, and spirits with an agenda of activities.

For the body: the Fitbit Challenge

During the Fitbit Challenge, nine teams are engaged in a cutthroat competition to see who will take the most steps, log the most active minutes, and register the best-quality sleep, among other categories. Equipped with company-subsidized Fitbit Flex bands, our colleagues are keeping active, staying hydrated, and taking the stairs at every opportunity. Teams like the Misfitbits, Mission: Slimpossible, and Die Lard can be heard around the office comparing step counts and trading tips on how to keep a toddler from grabbing the device off their wrists.

For the mind: lunch ‘n’ learns

A series of lunch-hour seminars bring experts into the office for advice on living a healthy, balanced life. Mental health awareness was the topic of the first seminar, where participants were encouraged to bust myths and misconceptions about mental health and mental illness. We look forward to welcoming comedian/cookbook author/home economist Marilyn Smith for a rib-tickling session on Ultimate Foods for Ultimate Health, and picking up handy tips about stress management in Achieving a Healthy Balance.

For the spirit: on-site yoga

Every Wednesday this month, a group of yoga enthusiasts gathers for a midday session, either indoors, or out in the fresh air on Points’ rooftop patio. Taught by Olivia Spralja from Bikram Yoga Yonge, participants of all skill levels move through a series of postures and breathing exercises designed to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Other fitness-focused events this month have included the addition of healthy, home-baked treats to the regular Friday snack cart, access to an online Health Risk Appraisal, and supporting a team of seven Points runners who completed the Sporting Life 10K charity run.

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