Profit Cover Summer 2013

Points Makes the PROFIT500 List

The loyalty landscape is at a critical crossroads.

The number of loyalty program memberships per Canadian household fell to 8.2 versus 9.2 in 2008, a drop of 11% according to a report that’s due out later this month. But industry watchers are predicting that total Canadian membership will actually surge 6% to about 128 million members.

Meanwhile, total global loyalty membership is up 27% from 2010 (to 2.65 billion) and the number of average programs per household has grown to 21.9 from 18.4 in 2010. While these numbers may appear more encouraging, the report also shows that the percent of engaged loyalty members has fallen 4.3%.

Regardless of where drop-off stems, loyalty program designers and the brands and businesses that adopt them need to utilize the best possible solutions to keep their customers coming back.

With so many loyalty programs vying for attention, consumers require unparalleled loyalty engagement while businesses need a platform that delivers repeatable ease-of-use and one that simplifies the rewards/redemption process.

It’s for reasons like this that Points is scoring accolades, new business wins and more industry recognition that ever before. Ranked as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies by for the second consecutive year, Points is quickly being recognized as a marketing leader helping businesses reinvigorate their loyalty programs and improve revenue.

With Points’ loyalty commerce platform, users can post and accept trades for their points and miles, exchange them between programs, and even buy more points to grow balances faster, or, redeem them for retail or dining gift cards.

In short, for businesses, loyalty aggregation might prove the most valuable tool in the industry’s toolbox – staving off consumer dropout, ensuring customers do not lose interest because of lackluster rewards or frustrating redemption processes and enhancing loyalty solutions by meeting the evolving needs of today’s tech savvy members.

So here’s to a rewarding – and uncluttered – way to encourage your customers to keep coming back again and again. And if you’d like to read more about the PROFIT500 ranking or receive regular updates from the Points’ team, please visit Profit500 or sign up for our newsletter in the top right corner of this page.