The people who work at Points know that it’s a pretty special place. You can see a handful of examples here on the company blog, in our posts about the Summer Fun program, food truck visits, charity events, Wellness Month, and holiday feasts.

But there are many more, intangible elements of our culture that make it unique, and make us proud to work here. Our common sense of purpose around Points’ mission, the feeling that everyone’s feedback is valued, and leaders who lead by example are just a few of the traits that have put Points on Waterstone’s list of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures of 2014. The list, compiled annually, “recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for having a culture that has helped them enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage.”

When our CEO and President, Rob and Christopher, founded Points 15 years ago, they didn’t know what it would become but always intended it to be a great place to work. As Rob says, “it was as important to us to build a great company as it was to build a great business. ‘Culture’ has always felt like the key ingredient of ‘company’ and we’ve always tried to develop a culture of working hard, working together, and having fun… the fact that we continue to reflect this set of values as we have grown, and been joined by so many great people, is something I am truly proud of.”

Are you also an admirer of Points’ corporate culture? We’re hiring!


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