Points is a company with deep roots in Toronto. It’s where we were founded and where our headquarters has always been (based out of three different buildings, all within a few blocks of each other). Because of our connection to the city, it’s important to us to find local charitable initiatives to support, where we can contribute something back to our community.

Earlier this month, a team of 20 Pointsters participated in day-long build with Habitat for Humanity, Greater Toronto Area. The site: a two-story townhouse complex under construction at Brimley Road and Lawrence Avenue East. Our build day took place approximately three weeks into construction, so there was lots of hammering, measuring and sawing to be done.

After dressing the part in hard hats, boots and tool aprons, our group tackled projects like cutting drywall, cutting lumber with a power saw and nailing down the base of what will become the upper storey. We had a great day on the job site, under the leadership of Habitat for Humanity’s enthusiastic leaders, and finished the day a little bit bruised and dusty, but richer for the experience (and with vastly improved hammer-swinging technique).

Our official Habitat team photos are posted on their Facebook page. Below are a few Points-snapped shots from the day of our workers in action!