Southwest Rapid Rewards

A new partnership between Points and Southwest Airlines, the world’s largest low cost carrier, is helping to change reward redemption frustrations by offering services that deliver more of what passengers want: reaching rewards goals faster.

More than offering more rapidly-earned rewards, Rapid Rewards members will also gain the flexibility to Buy additional points while booking a flight — online or via the customer service center — for redemption at any time. At the same time, they will have the option to Gift and Transfer points to friends and family as part of the new Points-powered services. To celebrate this new partnership, Rapid Rewards members will earn a 25% bonus on all points purchased until July 16; a Southwest Airlines first.

In an age fraught with economic uncertainty, airlines and related businesses must think creatively in maximizing profits, while driving passenger loyalty and increasing wallet share. This partnership will expand the reach of Southwest’s Rapid Rewards loyalty program by delivering to passengers more services, more choices and greater flexibility within their loyalty program – all of which improves customer service while helping to acquire and engage additional customers. To learn more about how Points’ loyalty currency management services can help your program, subscribe to our newsletter on the right side of this page, or get in touch on our contact page.