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Operating at the intersection of technology and loyalty, Points has long understood that loyalty programs and mobile wallets are natural allies. Over the past three months, we explored the present and future intersections of loyalty and mobile payments in a three-article series for PaymentsSource, an online resource for payments professionals.

In the series, Points’ President Christopher Barnard and Product Marketing Manager Ben Kaye discuss mobile payments’ progression from usage by early adopters to mainstream acceptance. And, of course, they reflect on the essential place the loyalty industry has had and will continue to have as a driver of mobile wallet popularization.

Article 1: How Loyalty Programs Boost Mobile Wallets

The series begins with a topic that’s near and dear to us at Points – how integrating loyalty programs into mobile wallets can easily propel their widespread adoption. Beloved by millions around the world, loyalty programs can be the familiar hand that guides users through the transition from paper and plastic to digital payments. They can sell consumers on using the technology by adding valuable earning incentives, as well as delighting them with the customized, location-based earning and redemption opportunities afforded by mobile.

Article 2: The Critical Factors that Drive Mobile Wallet Adoption

Getting users comfortable with mobile payments isn’t the only issue mobile wallets face. The second article in our series addresses some of the other important components of mobile wallet adoption: standardization, security, and simplicity. The chicken-and-egg conundrum of whether adoption by consumers should spur adoption by merchants or vice-versa has temporarily stalled mobile payment development, as have perceived concerns over data security. But another lingering issue — the simplicity of current payment paradigms — can be overcome with loyalty’s irresistible lure.

Article 3: What’s the Next Step After Consumers Adopt Mobile Wallets?

So, what happens when mobile wallets eventually do become consumers’ go-to payment method? Our third article examines post-adoption steps to make sure mobile remains an enduring payments player. The most important factor is maintaining a streamlined, consumer-optimized experience, from eliminating unnecessary transactional steps, to delivering each user tailored, relevant content, to re-organizing brick-and-mortar store layouts to facilitate rapid mobile checkouts. After achieving those goals, we can consider the payment experience transformed.

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