We’re the traveling Pointsmans – nice to meet you! We’re chronicling our adventures in loyalty as we rack up points and miles, share our tips, tricks and best advice, and hopefully reach our ultimate goal: a family vacation for four to Europe.

Here’s a quick intro so you can get to know the family.

adaAda Pointsman: I’m an executive at a fast-growing startup, and I’m often on the road attending industry conferences and pitching new clients. While I’m traveling for work, I collect all the airline and hotel points and miles I can – so I can redeem them for family trips down the road. I also love perks and upgrades that make my life a little easier, like in-flight Wi-Fi so I can get work done on the go, early hotel check-in so I can freshen up, and free hotel breakfast to stay energized.

dexDexter Pointsman: Dexter is my husband and owns his own graphic design company. Most of the time, you’ll find him running his business out of our home or at a coffee shop. Since he works from home, most of Dexter’s travel is for pleasure so we’re always on the lookout for the most family-friendly airlines and hotels. We love airlines that allow travelers with younger children to board early, and when our hotel stay includes a free breakfast, snack or dinner.

pennyPenny Pointsman: Penny is our teenage daughter who is getting ready to head off to college. In addition to joining us on our family vacations, Penny is starting to research and visit schools. While some of the colleges are in our backyard, she’s also interested in a few colleges out-of-state and across the country (which she swears isn’t to get away from her parents…) So, we’re planning college campus visits using our loyalty rewards, while staying in budget, and trying our best not to panic that we now have a college-aged daughter!?

maxBaby Max Pointsman: Max is our toddler son and is just starting to experience our travel adventures. While easily entertained, we always want to make sure there are plenty of fun options for him during our travels, with a hotel pool being a must. Max is still under the age of two, so he’s able to fly for free. But soon enough, we’ll be paying for flights for the whole family, so we’re looking for new ways to save in the future, like airline companion passes and free hotel stays.

doggiePointshound: Pointshound is our family dog. While we don’t always take him on our excursions, we do need to keep him in mind as we plan our trips. When Pointshound joins us on vacation, we’re on the lookout for pet-friendly hotels that don’t make us jump through hoops to bring him along. We also tap into our loyalty programs, trading in miles and points to waive both hotel and airline pet fees.

To keep our many airline and hotel loyalty programs organized, we use the Points Loyalty Wallet to track all of our points and miles, swap them between programs, and redeem them for exciting rewards.

We consider ourselves to be avid loyalty rewards collectors and have seen the benefits and possibilities of where your rewards can take you. Stay tuned for our travel adventures in loyalty and pick up practical advice and insider tips for earning more points, miles and rewards from your favourite loyalty programs.

(To learn about who we really are, check out this post).