Brad Sokol is a Principal Engineer at Points.  He is our latest  ‘Featured Pointster’ in this installment of the Points Biz Blog meet and greet.  Brad has been with Points a little over a year, helping to bring the vision of our new Loyalty Commerce Platform to life.  Without further ado, here is a brief interview with Brad himself:

What is your role at Points?

As a principal engineer, I work with our software development teams to design and build the systems that drive our business.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Points?

Solving technical challenges, working with smart people, and having some fun along the way.

What’s the best thing you have for getting the most of loyalty points/ miles?

Pick one reward program, such as an airline, and maximize earning. Watch for bonus offers too!

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken?

My wife and I love to travel so I get asked this frequently. Every trip is unique and my answer is usually “Let me tell you about our last trip…”. Right now, that would be our trip last summer to the London Olympics.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

The internet. It’s an incredible source of information at work and keeps me connected with friends and family.

What is your greatest weakness?

Potato chips. It’s genetic.

What is your hobby?


What is something about yourself that would surprise people?

My university graduating class is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year.

What’s your favourite place to eat near the Toronto office?

Right now it’s a tie between the Jerk Joint for curried chicken roti and Dance Mac for macaroni and cheese.


Thanks for the info, Brad! Stay tuned for another exciting edition of, ‘Meet our Team!’

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