Twenty-seven miles southwest of London is the town of Guildford, home to Points’ UK office. That’s where a team of six works with our partners from Europe and beyond, including British Airways, Air France–KLM, Etihad, and Icelandair. It’s also where you’ll find Louise, Director of Relationship Management, International: a traveler, mother, and skilled cash-spender who was ahead of the curve on the selfie craze. Plus, she’s this month’s Featured Pointster.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Points?

I like working with partners, I always have. I like gaining insight into different organizations, how they do business, their culture, their prioritization of loyalty. It’s different in each company and I get a buzz spending time with partners and discussing how we can work together more. And as such a partner-centric organization that looks outward more than inward, I get to do this frequently at Points.

Are there any projects you’re working on right now that you can tell us about?

There is always a lot going on in Relationship Management. The most exciting and interesting discussions right now are around our partners’ need to improve their loyalty reach in the everyday lives of their members. This is a blend of some areas Points is already working on: PointsConnect, digital wallets, POS, e-stores, dynamic and geo-targeted push notifications, and a lot more. We are exploring how Points can play a lead role in creating and improving loyalty engagement for our partners.

What three unique things would we find on your desk right now?

  1. A picture of some of our partners at the top of the CN Tower, which I took during our 2014 partner event. The day we went there was ZERO visibility.
  2. A cup of tea.
  3. Three phones.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done with loyalty points/miles?

The best thing I ever did with loyalty points was travel first class on British Airways to San Francisco. It was amazing. The crew said we were the first couple to ask to have our photos taken in our seats (it was before the craze of the selfie) everyone else was probably too cool—but we didn’t care! We then went on to Maui for two weeks, which was amazing, and I came home pregnant with my first child, Laila. So it was a loyalty reward that keeps on giving (or taking, depending on how you look at it).

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what three movies would you bring?

Top Gun, The Assassin (Point of No Return), and Scent of a Woman.

What one person from the past or present would you like to have dinner with, and why?

I would love to meet my grandfathers. Both my parents’ fathers died before I was born. I’d love to cook for them both and hear their stories of growing up (both had very different backgrounds) and what my parents were like when they were little.

What makes Points different from other companies you’ve worked at?

My career has previously been in large corporate environments, so Points is a breath of fresh air in being so different in many ways. The number of employees is probably the biggest culture difference; especially as in the UK there are only 6 of us. We all get on (I think!), there are no politics, and we have respect for each other’s roles, priorities, and strengths — I am also the only girl, which is different for me.

Working from home and working remotely are part of the standard working environment for many of us, and that’s also refreshing, both in terms of having the technology do it, and the company’s acceptance of it. But a big difference is working with so many Canadians!

What profession, other than your current one, would you like to try?

I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot. A personal pilot to some successful CEO—ready and available at all times. I had a few flying lessons and it is pretty scary; lots can go wrong quickly.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night?

Snuggles, a nice fire (inside in winter; outside in summer), a good glass of wine, and someone else cooking.


If you enjoyed this glimpse into Points’ culture, read all about it here on our company site (P.S. We’re hiring!)