Did the NFL choose to hold Super Bowl 50®™© in San Francisco because Points has an office there? We may never know for sure. What we do know is that although the “Points SF” office’s headcount is small, their influence is anything but. Among the team that works on some of our newest and most innovative projects is Chris Boyd, Head of Product. Chris has been working in the travel industry since 1994, and came to Points in 2014 with our acquisition of PointsHound, the hotel-booking site he co-founded. Read on to learn all about this west-coast Pointster (and the special lady in his life).

What’s your favorite thing about working at Points?

Along with the great people and fantastic culture, I love that Points is headquartered in such a fantastic city.

What are you working on right now?

I proudly look after the Loyalty Wallet and Points Travel products.

What’s the best tip you have for getting the most from your loyalty points/miles?

Best tip for earning airline miles: I book ALL my business travel using PointsHound. Not only are the prices as good as or better than anywhere online, I earn thousands of miles per hotel booking. In 2015 alone, I earned 100,000 miles just from my hotel bookings!

What three unique things would we find on your desk right now?

I’m a minimalist, and I hate clutter. The only things on my desk at any time are:

  1. My monitor
  2. My laptop
  3. My trackball
  4. My special freestyle keyboard
  5. My crumb catcher
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Monitor wipes

What’s your favorite place to eat near the Toronto office?

That’s easy. For lunch, I’m obsessed with the Jerk Joint. Verdict is still out on dinner, though I seem to eat at Noodle Bar at least 10 times per year.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

My dog, Pickles.


What’s your greatest weakness?

I’m obsessed with American election coverage, which is really quite embarrassing.

Finally, tell us something surprising about yourself.

I win in dominoes 85% of the time. Same goes for hearts and gin. Also, one day I’d like to earn certification as an EMT.

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