Points Business Solutions is an easy-to-use and persuasive marketing tool. It’s also a cost-effective one. In this article, we take a look at the financial advantages of using Points Business Solutions, including:

  • why customer retention beats acquisition
  • the Points Business Solutions flexibility advantage
  • how Points Business Solutions costs less compared to traditional promotions
  • the many ways Points Business Solutions helps you save money

Keeping customers is best

Loyalty marketing is first and foremost about keeping the customers you already have. And for good reason.

Many business analysts agree that it costs much more to obtain a new customer than to keep an existing one. Going after new business is also time-consuming and carries with it a degree of uncertainty.

On the other hand, getting repeat transactions from the people who already know your offering and enjoy doing business with you helps create stability and may reduce costs.

The flexible alternative

Points Business Solutions can help by encouraging the customer loyalty you seek, while offering tremendous flexibility to both you and your customers.

With Points Business Solutions, you can:

  • offer incentives whenever you wish,
  • award as few or as many points/miles per transaction as you like,
  • structure your offers however you please to meet your business goals,
  • purchase as few as 100,000 points/miles at a time — or as many as 500,000 or more.

A small investment in your future

Points Business Solutions is also an affordable way to encourage loyalty. Let’s look at how cost-effective Points Business Solutions is, by comparing it to traditional promotional tactics.

Imagine two competing businesses who are running simultaneous promotions. Let’s assume that both of them draw an average transaction of $250.

Business A advertises a special deal of 25% off everything in stock. It’s a fairly appealing offer, but it may not have what it takes to stand out if other businesses are also advertising sales and discounts, especially during end-of-season clearouts. On a $250 pre-tax transaction, Business A takes a hit of $62.50.

Business B takes a different approach, and advertises 2 points/miles for each $1 spent. Unlike a discount offer, this incentive will stand out from the crowd. It will also be attractive to a wide range of collectors who are motivated to shop where they can earn their preferred currency. This particular offer structure also encourages customers to spend more. Most importantly, when Business B makes a $250 sale, the cost is a mere $20.75.*

Clearly, Business B is the winner with Points Business Solutions.

Upfront pricing

Points Business Solutions requires no costly tech investment. All you need is an internet-connected computer to log in to the online administration tool. And there are no additional costs: you don’t pay initiation, start-up, or annual administration fees.

Your only expense is the points/miles you purchase, and you can purchase an amount based on your anticipated needs for the coming year. (Points/miles expire one year from the purchase date, so you do need to use them within that time frame.)

An initial purchase for a first-time user could be as little as $4,150 for 100,000 points. That works out to just under $350/month, or less than $12/day, for a year’s worth of attractive promotions.

More growth, lower costs

Why wait? Start using Points Business Solutions to get your business growing, and purchase points/miles now. Or, if you’ve already purchased points/miles, get inspired to use them with our business-boosting marketing ideas.

If you’re not a Points Business Solutions member, apply now. The first step towards growing your business only takes a few minutes!

*Based on the minimum purchase level at $0.0415 per unit.