Your best customers may be living next door. Many consumers want to invest in the health of their community by shopping locally and supporting neighborhood businesses. Buying locally is also more convenient. Here are ideas for capturing the attention of community-minded shoppers and winning their support:

  • Form partnerships
  • Support charities
  • Join events
  • Share knowledge
  • Offer convenience

Partner with other businesses

Working with neighboring business owners can work in your favor. For example, think of the positive effects that a local business improvement association can have in revitalizing a main street and attracting interest in an area. Your partnership can take many forms, but here are some ideas to start:

  • Ask the other business owners if they’d consider joining Points Business Solutions too.
  • Work together by offering joint promotions. For example, shop at both your greengrocer and the neighboring butcher on the same day, and collect double the Points Business Solutions points/miles from both!
  • Make your partnership visible — post the same Points Business Solutions promotional signage in your windows, or share the cost of a joint ad in the community paper.

Support local causes

By lending your support to community causes you demonstrate your love for the neighborhood and your intention of being part of the landscape for many years — and you inspire community members to support you in turn. Some ways that you can get involved:

  • Hold a charity day for a local cause such as a nursing home or animal shelter. Donate a percentage of proceeds to the organization.
  • Support the fundraising efforts of a local school by setting up a collection box beside your cash.
  • Collect non-perishable food donations at key times of year and deliver the items to your local food bank.
  • Provide uniforms for a local softball team.
  • Contribute to a charitable cause by giving Points Business Solutions points/miles instead of cash.

Participate in events

You don’t always have to be the instigator of an event to get results. Get plugged in to what’s going on in your community, and start participating in events. You’ll generate goodwill from the hosts and attendees, you’ll become known to other participants, and you may even get your name or photo in the local paper or on the news. Events to consider:

  • Take part in a community fun run.
  • Walk in the annual Easter, Saint Patrick’s Day, Veteran’s Day or Santa Claus parade.
  • Open up your store or restaurant for the neighborhood Midnight Madness event. Give out vouchers for 25 Points Business Solutions points/miles now, plus coupons redeemable for 250 points/miles on their next purchase.

Educate your neighbors

Chances are that as a business owner, you have a particular area of expertise. Maybe it’s knowledge about food, fashion, sport, automobiles or health and wellness, or the ability to create beautiful interiors. Share your knowledge and become known as an expert. For example, you could:

  • Host an open house. People get to know your business, learn what you do, and understand more about how you can help them. Offer light refreshments and a coupon for 150 points/miles redeemable at their next booking or purchase.
  • Give a free talk. Educate people in an area they want to know more about. Craft a specific topic, such as “top fashion trends this fall” or “3 essentials for car care.” Give everyone a small thank-you gift for attending, and include a voucher for 50 points/miles.
  • Write a column. Become known as a subject matter expert in your community as a regular or guest writer for the local paper.

Create local convenience

People support local businesses for a number of reasons, and convenience is often one of them. Using nearby stores and services requires less time and cost than commuting. Think of ways that you can support local customers and promote yourself in this way. For example:

  • Advertise free parking if you have the facilities to offer it.
  • Provide free delivery to customers within certain street boundaries.
  • Offer a free in-home estimate for your service in certain areas. At the appointment, give a coupon redeemable for 2,000 points/miles if they make the purchase within two weeks.
  • Reward local patrons by placing an ad in the community newspaper redeemable for 250 points/miles when they show the ad at their next purchase.

Promote proximity

The customers that are nearest to you may also become dearest. Start using Points Business Solutions to support your community-based marketing activities. Log in now and plan your campaign.