Adopting new technologies comes with all sort of challenges. One that seems to never get enough attention is how to get a lot of people, who don’t know much about it, more knowledge and get them excited about the new technology. Our answer: a “Dev Day”, where a half day is spent dedicated to training and workshops related to the new technology.

The Dev Day format:

  • Get anyone interested in participating in a room (a big one apparently, we ended up having to take over our lunch room)
  • Provide some food.
  • Provide power and network
  • Provide laptops
  • Provide some information, tutorials and get people to hack away.

The actual day:

So I’ve officially determined I would absolutely suck as an event planner. Fortunately, we had a lot of great people here that helped out.  There were a few minor issues, like getting connectivity to so many people (wireless router FAIL),   but  thankfully the day went on without a major hitch.  Here are some photos of the day.

All in all, I was extremely happy with how the day went. A huge thanks has to go out to Catherine who did a great job doing the training presentation.

Feedback survey results:

With just over half of the participants responding to the survey

  • 94% found it very useful
  • 44% felt it improved their skills a lot, 56% felt a moderate amount
  • 100% wish to continue Dev Days
  • 69% were extremely satisfied and 31% were moderately satisfied with the exercise overall

It was pretty clear that this was a useful exercise, so I think it’s time to schedule a few more days!