Since our previous post with Kelly McLean, Product Marketing Manager at Points, opened with a quote, we thought it was appropriate to lead in with another: “Coaches who can outline plays on a blackboard are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate.”

Getting inside player’s minds and motivating new behavior is analogous to what loyalty programs do. But to reach their goals, rewards programs must be in top “playing condition.”

As program popularity has surged, many merchants have opted for a d.i.y. approach, only to see their efforts fall flat. However, Points Business Solutions, a merchant-focused loyalty platform, removes much of the legwork from individual businesses.

So let’s get down to business and learn more about marketing incentive programs with fellow Points colleague, Kelly McLean.

What is Points Business Solutions?

Points Business Solutions is a suite of online tools and marketing services that connect merchants to over 16 major loyalty programs and their members.  Our platform provides a quick and easy way for merchants to start issuing points and miles for whatever action they need to promote and grow their business. This alternative to building their own incentive programs allows merchants to focus on growing their companies rather than on learning, perfecting and maintaining a brand new line of business.

How does Points Business Solutions help merchants overcome the challenges of ‘go-it-alone’ loyalty programs?

We simplify adding incentives by using already-established programs instead of making merchants create their own. This allows them to combine their unique brand presence with a large airline or retailer like Best Buy. Points Business Solutions also offers a tiered purchasing model, wherein Points executes campaigns for merchants based on how many points they’re willing to buy annually. By joining, companies benefit from our years of experience (and established relationships) in the loyalty world and can offer points from recognized and respected airline, retail or hotel brands.

Why should merchants choose ready-built loyalty programs such as the one from Points and other partners rather than building their own?

Reach is the number one reason – existing programs today have millions and millions of active members. Brands that create their own are starting from zero. They have to spend copious time and resources to build that kind of membership volume before they even begin to see any returns.

What are the biggest opportunities for merchants using PointsSelect and PointsConnect?

PointsSelect – a Points Business Solutions multiple program package – is ideal for national or international merchants. For instance, in the U.S. most programs are regional by nature. But because of who participates, there’s at least one popular program for anybody who would shop at a brand’s store. Our solution solves the problem of [regionalism] and Points is the only company doing this.

PointsConnect is the single-program alternative to PointsSelect. If you’re a regional merchant, you can pick one or more programs that are most relevant to the people walking through your door as opposed to having too much choice.  PointsConnect also has a number of international loyalty programs participating, which is excellent for European-based companies wanting to build their local shopper bases while trying to attract visiting North American travelers.

How do Points Business Solutions help merchants incentivize members and to reach a wider audience?

Points Business Solutions helps merchants incentivize loyalty because their customers are likely already members of the participating programs. They already collect and care about the points that the merchant can offer.

It’s really a no-brainer. And it’s not tied to the point of sale, common with most incentive programs. So customers can take a test drive at their local dealership and earn points or they can come in and fill out a questionnaire without buying a single item.

Time to Timeout

Now that you have a better understanding of Points Business Solutions and how it can help brands improve their loyalty program goals, we’ll wrap up our series with a review of operational best practices and examples of Points Business Solutions at work.

Stay tuned for more!