Whether you’re looking to launch a new business, grow an existing one, or smooth out seasonal peaks and valleys, Points Business Solutions can help. By helping you attract a wider group of collectors than any other program, Points Business Solutions makes it easier to achieve a range of business goals. Here are seven of the most common, with ideas to get you started. Learn how to:

  • Introduce a business or product
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Boost sales and improve cash flow
  • Motivate employees

1. Introduce your business

Whether you’re new in business or new to the neighborhood, Points Business Solutions can help you enter the market with a splash.

  • Make it known from day one that you offer a rewards program that awards customers with points/miles from a national-level loyalty program.
  • Distribute flyers to neighborhood homes introducing your business and offering 50 points/miles just for dropping by to say hello.
  • Host an open house, and give everyone a small token that ties in to your business. Include a voucher for 500 points/miles for their first purchase or appointment.

2. Launch a product or service

People crave novelty, but they’re often averse to change. Appeal to their adventurous side by offering a Points Business Solutions bonus for sampling, learning about, or purchasing your new product or service. Here’s what it might look like:

  • Suppose your grocery store is launching a new line of food. Host a welcome celebration with product demos, free samples, brochures, and recipes — and post big signs offering 75 points/miles to everyone who purchases one of those items that day.
  • Imagine you’re an energy company, and you’re introducing a new home-inspection service that tests for energy efficiency. Send current customers a letter explaining how it can help them save money on their energy bills, and support your belief in the service’s value with a certificate for 750 points/miles to customers who book an inspection within the next two weeks.

3. Attract new customers

Every business needs new clients to stay healthy, and Points Business Solutions can help you gain referrals and convert them into new customers.

  • Get people in your door by offering attractive, no-obligation incentive awards, such as 2,000 points/miles for meeting with you, attending an event, or requesting a free sample.
  • Your best source of new customers could be current ones. Issue a standing offer of 5,000 points/miles for every person who refers a friend who then becomes a client. (Remember to define any conditions that must be fulfilled to qualify as a “new customer.”)

4. Encourage customer loyalty

Keep your customers coming back by continuing to reward their ongoing patronage.

  • Set up and actively promote a campaign that rewards them whenever they make a purchase. Example: your boutique hotel offers guests 250 points/miles for every stay.
  • Send a reminder to old customers you haven’t seen in a while and include an offer of 500 points/miles on their next purchase or visit.

5. Boost sales

Use awards to encourage spending patterns that help you increase your revenues and break through to the next level.

  • Ring in larger sales by using simple bonuses that reward shoppers who spend a specified dollar amount. For example, if the average spend in your shop is $175 per visit, offer 150 points/miles to any customer who spends $225.
  • Raise the purchase threshold by offering tiered rewards that make it attractive to spend a little more than normal. For example, at your grocery store, award shoppers 10 points/miles for purchases over $40; 30 points/miles for purchases over $100; and 75 points/miles for purchases over $200.

6. Improve cash flow

Keeping sales and bookings consistent can help to minimize cash flow and staffing disruptions. Use award offers to help smooth the natural ups and downs of your business cycle.

  • If you run a service-based business, try offering clients a 500 points/miles bonus if they book their next appointment at the end of the current visit (the award would be made when payment for the follow-up visit is received).
  • If you run a retail or hospitality business, stimulate seasonal sales by offering a points/miles bonus during slower periods. For example, your restaurant might offer 250 points/miles with the purchase of an entrée and appetizer during the month of January.

7. Motivate employees

Your employees can be cause for concern — or one of your greatest assets. Use Points Business Solutions as a low-cost way to improve performance.

  • Boost employee morale and help reduce staff turnover by giving employees points/miles as thank-you gifts and anniversary presents. Reward employees who reach their second anniversary with your company with 2,000 points/miles, for example.
  • Use points/miles instead of cash as a performance bonus or sales incentive. For example, offer 1,000 points/miles to employees who achieve a $10,000 quarterly sales target.

 An ideal way to make your business successful

Whatever your business goal, Points Business Solutions can help you reach it. The secret is to decide on a goal, develop an offer — and start awarding. So why wait? To get started, buy points/miles now, or sign up for a Points Business Solutions account.