With Points Business Solutions, you can make your awards program as simple or as elaborate as you like. Here, we break it down into a simple, step-by-step process — and you can take it from there! Learn:

  • 3 simple steps to awarding
  • how the online tool makes it easy to issue points/miles
  • tips for staying organized

1. PLAN your offer

Identify an offer that will help you attract new customers, or reward existing ones. Consider your first offer a pilot test: try something simple, and keep the scale small. You can add, embellish, expand, and try new promotions once you try it out and see how everything works.

Need ideas? We’ve got lots of promo suggestions to get you started!

2. BUY points/miles

Purchase points/miles in bulk, based on how many you expect to award in the next year. The more you buy at one time, the lower the per-unit cost. Do be aware, however, that points/miles will expire if not issued within one year of purchase. You might want to choose the lowest amount just to get started.

Here’s a quick guide to buying points/miles:

  1. Log in to your Points Business Solutions account.
  2. Click Buy Miles at the top of the Home Page or click the Points/Miles Purchased section.
  3. Enter how many miles you want to purchase in the order form.
  4. Click Update Calculation to see the cost and click Continue.
  5. Choose a payment option and follow the instructions for that method.
  6. Review the Formal Confirmation and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Click Purchase Miles Now to complete the transaction.

3. AWARD points/miles

There are three methods you can use to issue points/miles to your customers. Choose the one that makes most sense for your business, your work style, and the particular promotion.

Printed Certificates. This is the simplest award method. Using the online tool, print personalized certificates for specific customers (for example, if you are doing a mail-out campaign) or print blank certificates in advance that you can hand out instantly to customers as they meet your award criteria.

Email Certificates. This is a convenient and secure way to award. Use the online system to send awards by email. You can send just a few or thousands of email awards at once. Simply complete the online form with each recipient’s first and last name, email address, and the number of miles to award. If you have more than 50 to send, you can upload the information from a CSV (Excel) file (a convenient template is provided).

Award Codes. These are another easy way to give points/miles. You can generate up to 10,000 codes at once. You simply complete the online form, indicating the number of codes you want to generate and the number of points/miles you want to award for each code in that series. Once generated, you can have the codes printed sequentially on promotional materials or receipts, or write each one manually.

To issue points/miles using any of these methods, just log in to your Points Business Solutions account and go to the Miles Awarded box on the home page, click the award method you wish to use, and follow the prompts.

Tips for staying organized

  • Try it out. The best way to get comfortable with Points Business Solutions is to start using it. Try a small-scale campaign to familiarize yourself with the system.
  • Experiment. Try different types of promotions to see what works best for your business.
  • Look before you leap. Check your balance to see how many points/miles you have left before you start a campaign.
  • Tell ‘em all about it. Make sure your clients know you have awarded them, and make sure they know how to claim their points/miles. You might wish to print up copies of redemption instructions to include with awards.
  • Name it. Instead of always using the default campaign, give each different promo a different campaign name. This will help you track claims and assess the success of each one in a central location.
  • Jog your memory. For each campaign, complete the Campaign Code, Campaign Title and Description fields as accurately as possible — it will help you remember the details when you review promo results later.

Now it’s time to get started! Log in to your account now. Or, if you don’t yet have a Points Business Solutions account, open one today!