As a member of a loyalty program, you can be the force behind your own rewards success. Companies love rewarding their most loyal customers, but can only do so much when it comes to predicting exactly what their members want.

But there’s good news: as a member, you can take matters into your own hands and play a big part in determining your own loyalty reward program success. Here are some tips for taking the wheel and making sure you are getting the most out of your loyalty programs.

Tip #1: Keep rewards program profiles up to date

Ever feel like the deals and promotions you see don’t really apply to you? This could be because you didn’t provide the loyalty program with enough personal information in order for them to send you the deals that specifically cater to your unique personality and lifestyle. It could just be that you need to fill in key profile information that you didn’t provide when you first signed up. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that you keep your information current to keep the deals you receive relevant. By updating your address, you will likely start to get deals in your area of residence. It’s also important to provide your primary email address in order to make sure promotions get to you in the first place.

Some programs like Indigo’s Plum® Rewards even let you enter your interests to make sure that you are sent promotions and deals that fit your tastes. You can even earn points simply for filling out these details! It certainly pays to get personal with your points.

Tip # 2: Follow your loyalty programs’ social media accounts and subscribe to their mailing lists

Businesses often have mailing lists to let rewards program members know about new and upcoming promotions. By signing up for email updates, you can stay on top of new and time-sensitive offers to take your points accumulation to a new level.

Additionally, most companies and rewards programs also have social media accounts. By following those accounts on your most-used social media platforms, you are more likely to receive instant notifications that tell you about the greatest deals as soon as they launch.

Company and reward program blogs are also a great way to keep up with special offers. The IHG® Rewards Club PointBreaks blog publishes information on special and exclusive promotions. Currently, they’re highlighting a promotion that lets you stay at participating hotels on specific nights for only 5,000 IHG® Rewards Club points per night. This promotion only lasts until July 31st 2017, so it’s important to stay on top of blog posts, social media accounts, and email channels in order to ensure that you maximize your loyalty value before an enticing offer like this expires.

Tip #3: Keep track of when your points and miles expire

You put a lot of effort into collecting rewards, and the last thing you want is to one day discover that your hard-earned points and miles are no longer valid. Staying on top of your loyalty points and their expiry dates helps ensure that you get to enjoy them while they last.

The Points Loyalty Wallet allows you to track of all your loyalty points and miles in one place. By adding all your loyalty cards to the Points Loyalty Wallet, you are able to view all your rewards balances at once.

Use these three tips to control your loyalty program success!