Thunderin’ Thelma rattlin down the street… Thunderin’ Thelma with music at her feet… Thunderin’ Thelma slicin’ up that smoked meat!

The ever-incredible H.R. department took the treat level to brand new heights on Friday December 20th by delivering Caplansky’s food truck named Thunderin’ Thelma to our front door.  The Toronto-based delightful delicatessen that specializes in Montreal-style smoked meat sandwiches is known as a landmark eatery in the city’s food scene.  Poutine gravy  poured from the ladles of the thunderous crew. Cheese curds collided on them crispy fries in acrobatic accented flourishes. Deep fried pickles danced on our tongues with more zest than a figure skater throwing down the last of several triple lutzes.

The event celebrated the development teams’ accomplishment in meeting a number of key project goals to close out the last quarter of the year.  Not only did the entire Points community get to celebrate this huge milestone, they did it with glorious glorious sandwiches!