We work hard to make sure that Points Business Solutions is as simple and easy to use as possible. But we know there may still be times when you need a little extra help, so we’ve prepared this troubleshooting guide to help you with:

  • Log-ons and error messages
  • Using the online tool
  • Completing your purchase of points/miles
  • Awarding points/miles

Before you send out a distress email, scan through this list of issues for what to do.

I forgot my password.

Don’t panic. Simply go to the login form on the homepage, enter your username (usually, that’s your email address), and click the “Forgot your password” link. You will receive an email (sent to the address on record for your Points Business Solutions account). Simply click the link in the email, then follow the instructions on the landing page to reset your password.

I got an error message creating award codes.

If you’ve created a bulk order of award codes by uploading a CSV file, it’s possible you may receive an error message. This simply means that some of the information in the file was incomplete. In this case, awards will be generated for the complete records, and the incomplete records will need to be resubmitted. Here’s what to do:

1)     Locate the email containing the processing summary, which has been sent to your inbox.

2)     Review the attached CSV file. It contains the failed records and error messages.

3)     Correct each error and complete any missing information fields.

4)     Save the file with the corrected information to your computer.

5)    Upload the file with the corrected errors, in order to generate only the awards for the recipients receiving error messages.

I forgot how to… buy points/miles… create awards… use campaigns.

No worries! We’ve put together an article that walks you through the steps of running a Points Business Solutions promotion. Just go directly to the section that you need to brush up on. [link to art 18: Your first campaign — step by step]

I need to set up employee accounts with different privilege levels.

The Points Business Solutions online tool allows you to set up three different types of user access within your account. Just decide which privileges you want to grant each employee, and set up his or her access accordingly:

1) Administrators can perform all system tasks and use all system functions.

2) Regular Users can do the following:

o    Award miles

o    View campaigns

o    Search awards

o    View award details

3) Limited Users can only do the following:

o    Search awards

o    View award details

How do I submit payment?

If you are paying by credit card, simply complete the online form during the purchase process.

If you are paying by check or money order, send your payment to:

P.O. Box 543
Saint Charles, IL 60174

If you are paying by wire transfer, please note that you are responsible for paying all fees. The value of any fees you do not pay will be deducted from the value of the miles/points deposited into your account once payment has cleared. Please submit your payment as follows:

Bank: Harris Trust and Savings Bank (Swift Code HATRUS44)
ABA Number: 071000288
Account Holder: Points.com
Account Number: 2910063508

Please note that points/miles will be deposited into your account once payment is received and processed. For fastest access, we recommend paying by credit card.

My points/miles have disappeared from my account!

If your account balance is lower than it should be, the first thing to do is to check when you purchased your points/miles. Points Business Solutions units have a lifespan of one year from the date of purchase. Once you award them, your customer has one year from the date you created the award to redeem it and deposit into his/her account.

If the units haven’t expired, check your Award History to see whether you or a staff member have awarded more than you realized.

If units were purchased recently and paid for by cheque, money order, or wire transfer, it is possible that payment has not yet cleared.

If you are still unable to account for the missing units, email us with full details.

I’ve lost the award codes I downloaded.

You can retrieve and re-download lost award codes using the Award Search form. However, you will need to have enough information to be able to provide the details in the search fields to locate the missing code(s).

Once you have found the relevant code(s), open the Batch Details window and click the re-download button.

I need to check whether an award code has been issued.

Use the Award History Search form to check whether you have generated or issued an award code.

My customers aren’t redeeming their points/miles awards.

It’s a good idea to remind your customers to visit the Points Business Solutions claim site when you present them with the award. In addition, we strongly advise participating merchants to contact us at pbsssales@points.com prior to ordering award codes. This product may require your organization to create or host a microsite to explain redemption procedures.

I need more help.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, we’re ready to help! Email your question to pbsssales@points.com.