How many emails did you receive today with a holiday marketing message? One, two, three…eleven? I received eleven today, and it’s not even noon yet.  In this super-competitive marketing season, how can you keep your brand top of mind while your customers are being hammered with marketing messages? At Points, we think the holidays are a perfect time to make your loyalty program do the work for you.

We’ve compiled two tips to help you leverage your loyalty program to increase customer engagement right now, even during the holiday frenzy.

1. Expand your reach instead of your frequency

Since we all agree (don’t we?) that holiday emails are flooding inboxes, it pays to turn to other platforms to get your holiday messaging across to your best customers. Promote your loyalty program and brand across a variety of channels. Help your customers re-imagine the experience when it gets too familiar and activate your brand.

Instead of just rewarding purchases, why not treat loyalty program members the same way you treat influencers. Bloggers, for example, get special invitations to events, free trips, and more. Give loyalty members the same incentives to attend events, review services, share experiences, report on location, etc. Reward them for contributing to the imagination of the brand.

Social media is the perfect platform to execute this on a large scale. You could reward mobile users for posting from certain locations, for example, or create a contest for new ideas on products and services. Make rewards an active process, not just a bank of points.

2. Reward consumers for promoting your loyalty program

What’s better than you talking about your business? Your customers talking about your business. Incentivize your consumers when they spread the word! For example, Urban Outfitters released a new app earlier this year that rewards users for mentioning the brand on social media. The tactic, which enlists loyalty program members into direct marketing, can be a form of trust-building. This makes those members feel that they have a stake in the company itself, not just in the brand.

Loyalty program points become something like employee stock options. The brand experience should always come first, but don’t hide that you are a company. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and similar trends in advertising have made companies and consumers more collaborative.

The moral of the story is to stand out from the rest and stay active in subtle yet effective ways. It is easy to get caught up in the holiday cheer and over-communicate. However, while you are tactically marketing your message to your audience, less is sometimes more.  Remember to consider our tips and make the most of the season’s cheer!