agile stand up meeting

The software engineering team uses agile development. Agile software dev is fun! We use techniques from XP and SCRUM to make creating software more enjoyable, lower risk, and faster to adapt to changing requirements, while also guaranteeing business value.

Agile Development at

Our day starts with the morning stand up. Thoughtworks has an excellent article on why we stand up.

agile stand up meeting

We work in an open office environment; there are no walls within a team. This is great for communication, an essential aspect of any agile environment.

Points office tech area


points tech area












There are whiteboards everywhere and we use them for technical discussions, sprint tracking, and whenever a drawing will facilitate communication.

points white board


points whiteboard












more points whiteboards












We have comfortable chairs, widescreen monitors, and lots of screen real estate for our code.

points dev desk












While not officially part of agile dev, fresh fruit seems to keep our developers happy and productive. 🙂

pointster with a banana