If used properly, Points Business Solutions can be a powerful resource to help you grow your business and increase sales. It’s particularly effective when you combine it with your other marketing tools. Here are some ideas to get you started using Points Business Solutions with your everyday marketing activities, including:

  • Print and online advertising
  • Market intelligence and customer data
  • Business partnerships

1) Use our free art

As a participating business, you’ll have access to our Merchant Resource Center. This helpful tool includes artwork in a range of sizes and formats, ready to use in both print and online marketing.

  • Place it on your website or Facebook page, in your emails or on your banner ads.
  • Include it in your store newsletter, flyers or mail-outs.
  • Post it in your store or office, including as a small notice at the cash or checkout desk.
  • Add it to the layout of your print ads.

2) Mention Points Business Solutions in your advertising

Be sure to use every opportunity to make it known that you are a participating business that awards points/miles to your customers.

  • If you advertise on radio or television, include a reference to the fact that you award points and miles through Points Business Solutions.
  • When you issue a press release, mention in the short note describing your company that you are part of the Points Business Solutions network, and you award loyalty points/miles from globally recognized loyalty programs.

3) Target your market

When you create your marketing collateral and offers, you probably already structure them to target your key audiences. Remember to tailor your Points Business Solutions offers in the same way. Here are a few examples of how a loyalty offering can be customized for different groups:

  • For luxury goods customers or high net worth individuals — make fewer offers of very high amounts of points/miles.
  • For business travelers — showcase the Points Business Solutions partners and remind them that the awards will help them accumulate status points.
  • For cost-conscious shoppers — in addition to your usual discounts and sales, offer many different opportunities to earn even a small number of points/miles.

4) Use your customer intelligence

If you collect information from your customers, or if you have a customer database, chances are you have at least some information that can be used to augment your marketing activities. By creating unique, personalized offers tailored to your customers in conjunction with Points Business Solutions, you can develop a highly effective marketing campaign. For example, if you know:

  • Their date of birth and address: send a personalized birthday card about two weeks before, wishing the customer a happy birthday. Include a birthday gift of 200 points/miles. Better still, invite them to come and treat themselves to a birthday purchase within 10 days of their birthday, for a special award of 1,200 points/miles.
  • Their email address and the date of their last purchase that earned a points/miles reward: if they haven’t been back for a considerable time, send an email with a few of your current points/miles offers. Remind the customer that you have plenty of opportunities in-store to help them build their loyalty program balances.

5) Partner with another business

Forming a partnership with another business can be a win-win. You’ll reduce your individual marketing costs and expand your potential customer base.

  • Choose a partner in a complementary field. For example, if you are a financial adviser, partner up with a realtor, accountant, or insurance specialist. If you’re a sporting-goods retailer, a travel agent or personal trainer might make a good partner.
  • Showcase your expertise. Co-host a seminar or open house where you can help customers and neighborhood prospects by sharing with them your complementary knowledge.
  • Sponsor cross-promotions. Market yourselves to both client lists. Offer a special Points Business Solutions reward if the client of one partner patronizes the other business. Or promote a really attractive bonus offer, such as 2,000 points/miles (remember, you’re splitting the cost!) when a customer does business with both of you within a specified time frame.

Want more ideas? Read our article on social media marketing with Points Business Solutions.

Eager to start? Log in to your account now to make sure you have enough points/miles to get started, and begin planning your campaign. If you have yet to join the program, sign up today!