In the age of digital, marketing techniques have become more sophisticated than ever before. The ubiquity of mobile devices has given rise to entirely new ways for brands to reach out to their customers, and, perhaps more importantly, for customers to talk to their favorite brands. But while the media may have changed, the core tenets of loyalty marketing remain the same: to make their members feel valued and appreciated.

No matter how many members it may have, one of a loyalty program’s biggest concerns is that those members remain engaged with it. And to keep engagement levels up, programs have to deliver value, relevance, and incentive to stay loyal. Today’s multitasking, mobile-savvy customer may not respond to yesterday’s marketing techniques, but luckily, the industry is keeping pace. Tools and strategies like mobile wallets, predictive analytics, gamification, and real-time targeting are the keys to helping loyalty programs drive member engagement.

We’ve put together a trend report that examines these marketing techniques and their application to the loyalty industry. Discover where loyalty marketing is headed in our white paper: 5 Marketing Trends That Will Help Loyalty Programs Further Engage Their Members in 2014.