Every New Year, many of us spend time setting personal resolutions, from getting fit to eating healthier to being wiser with our spending. You can bet that travel tops many annual lists. And to make those travel aspirations a reality, some of your resolutions might include new loyalty program goals.

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If travel tops your 2017 list, now’s the time to take stock of last year’s loyalty program activity and refine your strategy for the year to come. Check out these tips:

Set a (loyalty) savings goal

Financial or savings-related goal-setting is an important part of your personal and professional life. While you’re getting your finances in order, why not consider setting a loyalty points goal this year? If you’re planning a family vacation in the near future, figure how much money you’ll need to save and how you can offset the costs of the trip by earning and redeeming loyalty points. Earning loyalty rewards can be as simple as using your rewards credit card while filling up at the gas station or shopping for groceries. For example, the Wells Fargo Rewards Card offers cardholders the option to earn up to five times the points on groceries and gas in the first six months. 

Shape up your points and miles

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to get into shape, whether it’s by eating healthier or exercising more often. You can take a similar approach by whipping your loyalty points into shape.

Have you ever signed up for a loyalty program only to forget about it and not use the program to its full advantage? You’re certainly not alone. According to Colloquy, the average U.S. consumer belongs to 29 loyalty programs but is only active in 12 of them. Use the New Year as an opportunity to take a full inventory of all loyalty programs you’ve signed up for and the points you’ve earned to date. Without even realizing it, you might have already earned enough points to upgrade your next flight or book a hotel stay free of charge. Stay organized in the New Year  – and beyond  – by signing up for a free account with Points loyalty wallet, which can help you manage your points, miles and rewards.

Make a charitable donation

Is one of your 2017 resolutions to up your charity work or donations? Look no further than your favorite loyalty programs. Southwest Rapid Rewards is just one example of a rewards program that offers members the ability to donate points to charity. Southwest Rapid Rewards members can donate points to nine featured charities to cover that organization’s travel needs. Members of Hilton HHonors also have the opportunity to donate unused miles to an extensive list of charities such as World Vision, Operation Hug a Hero® and Kids Help Phone. For every 10,000 points donated, HHonors will send a $25 contribution to the charity of your choice.