Consumers are looking for businesses that offer awards in the loyalty programs they collect. Don’t waste time — start building your business now and get the competitive edge by offering Points Business Solutions awards! Try out some of these ideas to get started, then develop your own promotions. You’ll find ideas for:

  • boosting sales
  • clearing out inventory
  • encouraging loyalty
  • attracting new business

10 quick and easy promo ideas

Find an idea from this list that meets your business needs, and adapt the specifics (the amount of the award and the conditions for receiving it) to your particular business.

  1. Keep it simple: award 1 point/mile for every dollar spent.
  2. Give awards based on number of items purchased. For example, offer 50 points/miles for each item purchased at your online store.
  3. Award based on sales thresholds — for example, 50 points/miles for purchases of $50 or more; 125 points/miles for purchases of $100 or more; 200 points/miles for purchases of $150 or more.
  4. Vary your usual clearance sale by increasing the awards offer instead of further discounting the price. For example, if your designer dresses were already marked down 10%, offer an additional end-of-season bonus of 500 points/miles per item.
  5. Use rewards to help clear inventory of big-ticket items. For example, advertise a 10,000 point/mile award in addition to your usual discount to car buyers who choose one of this year’s models instead of next year’s.
  6. Encourage sales during slow times by advertising awards to be given on purchases within a specific month or date range. For example, 500 points/miles for each hotel stay in January.
  7. Send an award code for 25 points/miles by email or mail to all existing customers on your mailing list, just as a thank-you for their loyalty.
  8. Award 100 points/miles to every client on their fifth appointment with your service-based business, with a promise of 200 points/miles on their tenth appointment.
  9. Attract new business by awarding 500 points/miles for sales to new customers or first-time visitors.
  10. Build your list by offering 100 points/miles to everyone who provides their name and email address to receive your promotional emails.

TIP: However you decide to use points/miles to build your business, be sure to advertise to your customers that you are a Points Business Solutions participant, and remember to tell them how they can claim their award.

An ideal way to make your business successful

Clearly, one major benefit of the Points Business Solutions program is its flexibility. You get to choose the type, amount, and frequency of awards you offer. It’s all about what works best for your particular business.

The most important thing is to start using the program, and use it regularly. Try a promotion, see what works, and make adjustments before you run the next one. When you use the program regularly, customers and prospects will seek you out as their preferred source.

If you haven’t yet started awarding points/miles, make your first purchase now. You can begin by buying as few as 100,000. For a quick refresher on how to buy points/miles, read “How to award with Points Business Solutions — and stay organized! And if you have yet to sign up, now’s the time to get started.